When I was a child growing up in Mexico, we used to go to this little beach close to home, and while we were building sand castles and soaking our feet in the water, my mom would just snap picture after picture of my sisters and me. At the time I didn’t understand why she would enjoy taking so many pictures of us. Years later, I had my first daughter, and it was then when I figured out why she wanted to freeze moments in time with her camera. I have taken so many images of my daughters, and each one of them reminds me of a specific story, I can relive the ambiance, smell, sounds just by looking at the images.


I have photographed a lot of different types of sessions in the past, but where my heart lies, is in newborn photography. I have always enjoyed babies, but there is something about the process of a newborn session that relaxes me. Just snuggling, soothing and posing the babies calms me and brings me joy. 


I look forward to sharing my passion with you and capturing your family in a way that gives you memories you can cherish for a lifetime.